July 14, 2020

DishTV Self Help | DishTV error , recharge & new connection guide

DishTV Self Help | DishTV error , recharge & new connection guide

Dishtv Self Help – Solve problems related to DishTV by yourself

Dishtv Self Help –  Go through this guide if you have any of the DishTV errors mentioned below.

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Unsubscribed Channel
Follow the instructions given on the TV screen If the channel is available in your base pack, but may not able to view it then  Email at admin@dishtvweb.com  with the unsubscribed channel number and screen shoot.

Card Refresh Error
This problem occurs when the Viewing Card is not paired with the Set-Top Box. Email your problem with Television or LCD screen shoot at admin@dishtvweb.com Keep your STB on channel no 999 after receiving instruction or response from us.

Signal Not Found
Ensure that the Set Top Box is connected properly to the DishTV Antenna In case of heavy rain, wait till the rain stops to regain signal If the problem persists email your problem to admin@dishtvweb.com

Signal Unavailable
This is a temporary problem POWER OFF POWER ON your Set Top Box from the main power switch If the problem persists contact us at admin@dishtvweb.com

Re-install services
Please pull out and then reinsert the Viewing Card in your Set-Top Box. Ensure that the Viewing Card is inserted correctly in the slot. If the problem persists Email to admin@dishtvweb.com

Conditional Access
This message appears on the Movie On Demand Channel if the movie has not been ordered To activate the movie, follow the instructions on the TV screen If you do not get the movie within 10 minutes after sending your request to admin@dishtvweb.com

Viewing Card Deactivated
your Dishtv recharge has expired if you see viewing card deactivated.  Please visit Dishtv recharge website (dishtvweb.com )  to recharge your DishTV package. for more information Email at: admin@dishtvweb.com


www.dishtvweb.com do not take any responsibility of Package change price raise and channel pick and drop All DTH company and Third-party has all rights to do. We take all responsibility of Recharge and Next due recharge date to our customers .if any Customer does fraud-less activity We have all authorized to do blacklist in 48 hours. We are a trade partner