July 14, 2020

Dish TV FAQs | Answers to Dish TV for Dish Tv Recharge Online

Dish TV FAQs-Dish Tv Recharge Online

Dish TV FAQs page will elaborate problems and their solution related to DishTV. you will get answers about the common questions asked about DishTV service, DishTV recharge, DishTV packages, and DishTV channel list. if you still got problem after reading these Dish TV FAQs please feel free to contact us

FAQ? (Read Very Carefully)

Q. What is DishTV?

DISHTV is India´s First and Asia´s Largest Direct-to-Home Digital entertainment Service provider that brings over 350 channels and services along with advanced value-added services to your television set.

Q. How is it better than the existing cable system?

Yes, Besides giving you the experience of new technology, dish tv offers you an option of complete freedom from the friendly neighborhood cable guy. Going the Direct to Home way has innumerable advantages that change the way you watch television forever,

– Superior Picture quality, just like watching a DVD
– Stereophonic Sound
– Capacity up to 350+ channels and services
– Geographic Mobility
– Uninterrupted Viewing
– Video Games
– Exclusive International Channels
– Parental Lock facility
– Electronic Program Guide
– Value-Added Services

Q. I already have cable TV. Can I also get dish tv to work on my TV set?

No Problem!. dish tv is digital and direct, that means when you choose to install DishTV, you need not disturb your cable connection, just install your own Dish, simply connect the set-top box to your existing TV, insert your personal unique Viewing Card and you are ready to go!

Infect you can watch television without disturbing your existing cable connection in normal TV mode and DishTV in AV mode, by choosing the AV option from the remote of your TV set. That means both the inputs can be used simultaneously.

Q. Is DishTV available all over UAE, Pakistan, Kuwait, Oman, Sri Lanka?

Yes All Over Pakistan You Can Watch DishTV, as well as Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Sri Lanka

Q. I Don’t Know What is My DishTV Card Number (Vc No)?

A Viewing Card is a credit card-sized Smart Card Inserted Back of Your Dishtv Setup Box Just Open it You will see There Viewing Card Number Start From 015  or 020  Total   12 Numbers   For Example  ( 01508556621-2)

Q. I Have DishTV How I Can Recharge?

You Can Send Your Payment Through Bank Account or with other available payment options When Payment Received Your DishTV Card No (Vc Number) Will Be Recharge and Will Inform You Back In order history / Email, Sms or Call.

Q. How I know That My DishTV Card Is Recharge & it Will Work Complete Duration?

You, Will, Received Sms in your Dishtv Screen that Your DishTV card recharged and also next recharge date in Your DishTV (My A/c) Option  screen sometime if message not received in your DishTV in 24 hours We will Email you complete details of your DishTV card Receipt with Screen Shots

Q. I Don’t Know What is My DishTV Package?

Don’t Worry u can Call, chat, email us and we Will Tell you Your Package otherwise You Can Switch To Any Package.

Q. I Buy DishTV Set up Box From elsewhere Still I Can Recharge From www.dishtvweb.com?

Yes You Can, We are the Main Distributor  In Pakistan You Can Recharge ALL Dishtv Card From Us

Q. How I Trust That My DishTV Will Be Recharge After Sending Payment?

We are Register Dealer/ Distributor of DishTV you can verify about us by sending mail to customercare@dishtvweb.com and also we are register on Google and some online domain providers our bank accounts and all details are mentioned in this website and we have in this business from last 8 years

How I  know I have Dishtv SD or HD?

DishTV SD is In Silver Color  and HD  Is Black Color

Q. How I Recharge Dishtv or Purchase Card?

You Can Send Payment to Bank Accounts. Credit card, Debit card. Western Union, Bank Account deposit, Express Money,

Q. I Make The Payment My Order Show Fraud Review?

No Problem Just Send Us Your Photo Id Document after verification your order is complete